5 Maintenance Plumbing Tips That Will Save You Thousands

Picture pf a network of pipes.

If you’re a homeowner, you know how expensive plumbing repairs can be. However, a few simple routine maintenance tasks could mean the difference between an expensive repair or replacement versus having a perfectly functioning plumbing system.

Here are some DIY plumbing maintenance tips that could save you thousands of dollars.

1. Periodically Inspect Your Toilets

Leaking toilets can do a lot of damage if they are left unchecked. Over time, toilets can develop faulty seals, handles, or tank stoppers that cause them to run continually. If you notice your toilet continually running, contact a plumber immediately. This will help you avoid a high water bill and extensive water damage.

2. Toilets and Drains Are Not Disposals

Never put anything down your toilets other than toilet paper and human waste. Furthermore, drain cleaners should never be used to unclog your toilets or drains. Doing so could result in pipe damage.

Drain cleaners cause a negative reaction inside your pipes which could damage your plumbing system. This is because drain cleaners will stay in your pipes where they continue to create heat. That heat will react with the pre-existing corrosion in your pipes and burn holes in them.  It’s best to contact a local plumber to clear a clogged toilet or drain properly.

3. Don’t Skip Your Annual Plumbing Inspection

If you want to help preserve your home’s plumbing system. Have your local Gainesville, FL plumbing contractor perform an annual inspection of your entire system. This will help detect leaks, faulty equipment, and other potential problems that could result in expensive repairs if hidden issues are left to progress.

4. Prep Your Pipes for Winter

Even though it’s Florida, it still gets cold enough for your pipes to freeze in the winter. While you’re Gainesville, FL plumber is there to do your annual system inspection, ask them to winterize your pipes. This will ensure you are prepared for those cold below freezing winter nights. Winterizing your pipes will help prevent them from freezing and bursting which will lead to costly repairs.

5. Locate Your Main Water Cut-Off Valve

It’s important for each member of your family to know where the main water cut-off valve to your home is located. If you unexpectedly experience a water disaster, immediately turning off the water at the main will stop the gushing water and help keep your home from flooding.

However, if you have a water pipe burst or another plumbing emergency, you don’t want to spend precious time searching for the main, then have to figure out how to turn the water off. The more time your home has to flood, the more it will cost you in water damage repairs.

What’s Next?

If you need a reputable Gainesville, FL plumber, please Contact ABC Plumbing today. At ABC Plumbing, we don’t believe in performing unnecessary repairs. Therefore, if you don’t need a repair, we won’t try to sell you one. You will always receive a fair and honest assessment of what you do and don’t need. We look forward to serving you!

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